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Pager docklet for the Window Maker


The following is a copy of the manual page that is inlcuded with wmpager:

wmpager(1x)                                           wmpager(1x)

       wmpager - Window Maker workspace pager docklet

       wmpager [options]

       wmpager is a Window Maker pager docklet that offers:
       · workspace switching for up to nine workspaces
       · automatic  configuration  according  to  the  number  of
         available workspaces
       · automagic adjustment to the currently active workspace
       · configurable look and feel
       · workspace tooltips

       -h --help
              Display usage and version information.
       -v --verbose
              Enable verbose message output.
       -d --display <name>
              The display to use (defaults to the 'DISPLAY' envi­
              ronment variable).
       -s --size <w>x<h>
              The  number  of  buttons  to  display.  The default
              depends on the number of workspaces you have,  i.e.
              2x2 for 4 workspaces, 2x3 for 6, maximum is 3x3.
       -w --workspaces <count>
              The  number  of  workspace  buttons to display. The
              default is the number of workspaces you have up  to
              a maximum is 9.
       -t --theme <theme.xpm>
              The  button  theme to use. <theme.xpm> is either an
              absolute pathname pointing to an 'xpm'  theme  file
              or  a  filename relative to the installation direc­
              tory  (see  option  --installdir).  The   extension
              '.xpm' in the file or pathname is optional.
              For  more  information on theme files see the entry
              BUTTON THEMES below.
       -i --installdir <dir>
              Specifies the location of the  installation  direc­
              tory.  wmpager  looks for 'xpm' theme files at this
              location.         The          default          are
              '/usr/local/share/wmpager/'  and  the user specific
              '~/.wmpager' directory.
              Disables display of any tooltip windows. By default
              tooltips are enabled.
       --tooltip-font <font>
              Specifies  the font to as tooltip font. The default
              is helvetica, bold, roman, 12 point:
       --tooltip-delay <millis>
              Sets the delay before the tooltip window is  popped
              up (default is 750 milliseconds).
       --tooltip-reshow <millis>
              Set the tooltip reshow delay (triggered when moving
              from button to button).  The default is  1500  mil­
              Specifies that tooltips should be displayed outside
              of  the  docklet  window.   By  default  they   are
              displayed next to the workspace button.

       Depending  on your WindowMaker theme you might want to use
       another theme for wmpager as  well.  Use  option  '-t'  or
       '--theme'  to  specify  the  location  of an XPM file (the
       extension '.xpm' is optional, it has to  be  an  XPM  file
       though).  If  you  use option '-i', '--installdir' or have
       set the environment variable WMPAGER to  the  installation
       location of the wmpager themes, then you may also skip the
       path to the theme.

       Predefined themes: Well, I'm not much of an artist  there­
       fore I've only included some themes to give you an idea of
       how a real nice theme might be done. Naturally, I use  the
       built-in  theme  and theme support is only there because I
       have been asked to include it...

       If you create a theme yourself please send it  to  me  and
       I'll include it in the next build.

       The list of predefined themes in this release includes:
       · blue (the built-in theme)
       · fire
       · gray
       · steel

       Creating  your  own themes: If you want to create your own
       theme simply take one of the included XPM theme files  and
       modify  it to your needs.  If you really want to know, the
       format of the file is described below.

       XPM file format: The XPM file has to be at least 102 by 71
       pixels  in size. The area 0,0 to 50,50 describes the back­
       ground for the selected workspace, the area 51,0 to 101,50
       for  unselected  work  spaces.  The  area has to include a
       one-pixel border that is used for all  workspace  buttons.
       From  0,51  to  89,60 are the digits used for the selected
       workspace (each 10x10 pixels, 1-9 from left to right)  and
       from   0,61   to  89,70  are  the  digits  for  unselected
       workspaces. The digits may have a transparent  background.

       In  order  for  wmpager  to work properly you need to have
       your Window Maker compiled with Gnome  support.  (I  don't
       know if this is the case for the precompiled Window Makers
       usually found in Linux distributions since I usually build
       my Window Maker myself.)

       wmpager uses the Gnome support messages sent out by Window
       Maker to display the currently active  workspace.  Without
       Gnome  support the pager will not automatically adjust the
       currently active desktop.

       To file a bugreport please use the bug tracking system at:

       Bruno Essmann <essmann@users.sourceforge.net>

       Thanks to all at Ergon Informatik AG who are using wmpager
       and helped improve it!


wmpager-1.2                2002 Aug 16                wmpager(1x)